What Are The Key Features Of A Phone Answering Service?

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Phone answering services can be a good option for sole traders and small businesses that are looking to manage their incoming calls inexpensively, while also conveying the image of being a large company. This not only enables you to deal with clients in a professional manner but ultimately frees you up to take care of business matters and focus your attention where it focused! Phone answering services provide automated responses to your clients and help direct them to the appropriate party, leave a message or get the information they are after. Let’s take a look at a few more of the main features of an answering service for a small business.

Integrated voice response

The IVR greets users that are calling in if no one is immediately available, offering information and giving options for the caller to reach various departments. The recorded message is designed to be professional and unique for your business and the content of the message can be written by you, with directions and assistance from your provider.

Call transfer

If you have an office with more than one phone line, the call transfer feature allows you to connect the caller with the other line, which may represent another department for instance.

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Call forwarding

Calls can be forwarded on to other phone numbers too, including your own or another staff member’s mobile or landline phone. This is done seamlessly and very quickly, often giving the caller the impression that the call is being forwarded to somewhere in the same office. So even if you’re offsite on a job, you’re able to receive the calls that come through to you. This can be more useful for smaller companies that don’t have a full-time office staff.

Call waiting

Not only does this feature ensure that callers don’t have to hear the engaged signal and call later when the line is busy, but it also allows you to put calls on hold while you take others or perform some other task. The recorded message will keep customers on the line and ensures that you will be able to deal with their enquiry quickly and on the spot.

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Voice Mail

If a call is forwarded to a particular line and not answered – whether it is in the office or an external number – a voice mail service can ensure that you receive it. Often sole traders will be on a job when customers call in, meaning they are unable to receive the call. The voice mail feature ensures that the details are received and you can get back to them at a later date.

Music/Information on hold

Often a client will have a question or query that is fairly straightforward. We always recommend that while on hold, information is given to clients about how to make bookings, who to get in touch with about certain things and other company-specific information that you commonly need to provide clients.
Music is also a great way to keep the client on hold without losing their patience; generally, a combination of music and info are the best option.

Phone answering services have helped a lot of Australian small businesses cope with incoming calls in an efficient, easy and convenient way that benefit customers and staff alike. For more information about this and other virtual office and call services, get in touch with Call Service today or send us an email.

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