The Most Frustrating Things About Automated Phone Systems

We all know the feeling of calling up a customer service number, hoping to be able to speak to someone about an issue you might be having, only to have to deal with an automated system.While some of these can be quite efficient, there are certainly just as many that frustrate and annoy people, often due to the fact that they are poorly designed, but also just because we’d rather speak to a human being that can understand the problem more clearly.

frustated client with an automated phone system

Call Service’s virtual receptionist services can provide a cost-effective means of limiting the needs of these computer-automated systems. This article talks about some of the main reasons people get annoyed when speaking to a machine on the phone and why a human alternative is always preferable.


They Can Feel Like a Waste of Time

Chances are if you’ve been through the process of talking to a computer system over the phone, you’ve had to enter your details, provide information and maybe even explain why you’re calling. A lot of the time, this ends in you being transferred to a customer service representative that will ask you the exact same questions again, making the first part of the call a complete waste of time.

This can be very frustrating to the caller and can feel like the company is using the call system to keep you busy while they take over calls – a substitute for keeping you on hold. It also just wastes your time which is never a good thing!


You’re Probably Already Feeling Slightly Stressed Prior

If you’re resorting to calling up a company’s customer support line, a lot of the time it’s because something has gone wrong, you might be wanting to make a complaint, or you might genuinely need help. Examples might include issues with a credit card or bank account or phone account inquiries, both of which can be frustrating to deal with in and of themselves.

With you’re feeling a bit stressed and possibly upset, having to deal with an automated phone system can push you over the edge, especially when you aren’t getting anywhere with them. It’s during these moments it helps to speak to a real person that understands your issue and takes steps to help you deal with it.


They Often Don’t ‘Understand’ What You’re Saying

There is probably nothing more infuriating than having to repeat yourself more than a few times to an automated system. Some will ask you to describe, in a few words, why it is you’re calling – which can be difficult to do to a machine. Others will have you go through long menus, listing items for you to repeat depending on the reason for your call. Often, you’ll say what you’re after very clearly, only for the system to fail to understand you. If you’ve been in this situation you’ll understand that it isn’t ideal and can be quite annoying.


They Go Through The Same Loops

The thing about talking to an automated phone system is that once they getting talking, it can be tricky to get a word in edgewise. Particularly when you’re dealing with multiple levels of menus to get the information you want, you might find that you end up getting information, you’re not after. To go back to go through to the correct menu, you’ll likely have to start the entire process again and hear the system mention the same menu items once more. Speaking of a humane alternative would just require that you tell them the info you’re after and it’s done.


The alternative, of course, is to ensure you have enough reception staff on hand, to cater for the calls that come in on a day to day basis. Although it takes a little extra money for that, it’s worth the money. A virtual receptionist service or live answering service enables your customers to speak with real people, without you necessarily needing to imply them. Learn more about virtual receptionist services.

Now all you require is to find a professional and trustworthy phone answering service provider with longtime experience in the telecommunication industry. In this case, you can speak to the team at Call Service today for more information.


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