VoIP And How It Can Help Hour Business


In Australia’s hyper-competitive market across just about every industry, businesses are forever looking at ways to find a competitive advantage. Cutting costs and increasing efficiency is always a good starting point and there are many ways to improve the phone communication side of a business – message answering services are one such option where another company looks after incoming calls when you’re not available to take them.

VoIP is a related service that can work in conjunction with or without a phone answering service. There are a great many features and advantages that come from installing this kind of system, some of which many businesses may not even be aware of. In essence, VoIP allows you to use the internet to access your phone system, overcoming many of the common problems that you are faced with when using a traditional analogue system. Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages.

Voicemail to email


One of the things that have frustrated phone owners for years has been the difficulty of scribbling down names and numbers when listening to a voicemail – often it takes a few listens before you get it right! With VoIP, you can have your voicemail messages transcribed and sent to your email in text and/or audio form. This is very handy especially when things are busy. Plus when you’re in the office the best way of being notified of a missed call is via email.

Call forwarding

call forwarding

In an office environment where people are coming and going, moving to different departments and potentially to different offices, you need to be able to have control over the flow of incoming phone calls, where and to whom they are directed, and so forth. VoIP allows you to do this quite easily in-house.




Nowadays many conferences of this nature are conducted via Skype, but with VoIP, you can do so with a bunch of added features. When we’re talking about many different people contributing to the meeting, things can get messy. But with features such as hand raising, muting certain participants and invitation management, the power is in your hands.


Data tracking



As mentioned above, one of the biggest advantages of VoIP is that the power is in your hands, it just takes a bit of time to learn the setup and you can manage it from your computer. It also means that everything is recorded for you included incoming calls, where they are directed, how long the calls are for and so on. This can help you make important business decisions, improve efficiency and reduce costs.





This is one of the biggest advantages of VoIP. In the modern world, people are always moving around, even while they work. Travel is becoming very common for workers in a range of industries, between different offices within the same company for example. Some people even work from home in some cases.


Hoteling’ is a feature that allows you to essentially duplicate the characteristics of the phone in your office to any other phone system anywhere in the world. When the phone rings in once place, it also rings in the other and connects you to the person calling. Effectively, this means that as long as you have an internet connection, you can answer a call to your Melbourne office while you’re beachside in Mexico. A very handy feature indeed.


Call answering services often utilise VoIP systems and can direct you in setting up such a system in some cases. Find out more by contacting Call Service today!


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